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Redzone String Nok Set 16 to 18 Strand Red


Manufacturer: REDZONE

Product Information


Redzone bow string Noks have a soft plastic liner to grip and protect the bowstring and keep arrow-to-string position consistent, every archer needs a Nok Set, the world's most popular arrow to string indexing device or nocking point locator.

Nok Set is installed and then crimped onto the bowstring with a set of nocking pliers. When crimped onto string, it provides a positive, non-slip nocking point. Some archers prefer to use two Nok Sets, with one Nok Set installed above and one below the arrow nock. When installing two Nok Sets, it is important to allow sufficient clearance for the arrow nock at full draw.

Easy to install, to crimp and to reposition and will not damage the bowstring. Easily adjustable with nocking pliers. Always use nocking pliers when installing a Nok Set on your bow string. Nocking pliers are available and can be purchased separately.

Nok Sets are available in three sizes for different strand bowstrings. For 8 to 10 strand strings, use a target size or Blue Nok Set, for 12 and 14 strand strings, use a hunting size or Black Nok Set and for 16 and 18 plus strand strings, use a cam size or Red Nok Set.

They are used the world over. Redzone Nok Set Red 16 to 18 Strand.

Contents Includes

  • 1 x Redzone String Nok Set 16 to 18 Strand Red - Each

Product Code: NOKSETLRD

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